Health Check Program

We may appear fit and healthy but our lifestyle takes a toll on our health. Unhealthy eating habits, overeating, extended working hours, inadequate rest, sedentary lifestyle with no exercise, use of alcohol and tobacco – all this plays havoc on the health of an individual. Often with the fast paced life, one does not have the time to go for a health check-up until there is a medical crisis. A few hours once a year is most often all that is needed to ensure good health.

Periodic health checks help detect the disease early and with corrective action can ensure prevention or treatment aimed at cure or containment.




 Cardiac Health Packages for Women
Age Group: Between 30 – 40 years, Above 40 years
Gender: Female
Cost : Rs. 4500




 Deluxe Wellness Package for Men
Age Group:  Above 40 years
Gender: Male
Cost : Rs. 9500



Executive Health Screening Package for Men

Age Group: Between 30 – 40 years, Above 40 years
Gender: Male
Cost : Rs. 7500



Comprehensive Health Screening Package for Men

Age Group: Between 30 – 40 years, Above 40 years
Gender: Male
Cost : Rs.4750